Sunday, May 17, 2015

     We were fortunate to have my sister and brother-in-law come down this week for a visit. Actually, the real reason they came was to take a load of our 'stuff' back to Cleveland. We had been going through and sorting things, so we had several boxes packed for them. We decided to take time on Tuesday and show them Chaco Canyon. It is a very fascinating place – highly recommended if you are ever in the area and it isn't raining. When we got home from there, we loaded up their little truck with the boxes, plus three more bins, and a bunch of odds and ends. You would think that should be the bulk of our stuff. Unfortunately, we still have a lot of go. The fun thing is going to be trying to find a place for it all when we get home.
     They headed for home on Wednesday morning, and we picked up two ladies and headed for Holbrook to take them to the chiropractor. We enjoyed the ride down and back and the visiting with them. It was our Marys again, and they do make it a fun trip. The one told us that it was her birthday. So we fixed up a special treat and a gift for her when she came to Family Home Evening.
The Branch President called just as we were starting Home Evening and invited us to his place to help celebrate his son's 20th birthday.  Definitely a night for treats and special birthdays.
     We got to spend some time with our little Marianya this week. She is walking now.  At Family Home Evening she walked back and forth across the kitchen many, many times. Then another day, it was across the front room, from couch to couch over and over again. It is fun to watch her. We have finished up the missionary discussions with her daddy, so we will see what happens now.
     We have had our share of typical spring weather. It will be really warm and nice one day; then another day, there will be a hard wind blowing and several rainstorms throughout the day. Saturday, we woke up to a snowstorm. Course, when it started to warm up, it turned to rain. The District had planned a trip to the Toadlena/Two Gray Hills Rug Museum and Trading Post. The trader there shared his story of how he came to be at the Trading Post and other very interesting information about the area and the master weavers. One of the master weavers was demonstrating carding and weaving, It is neat to watch and see how they make their patterns in the rugs. That is something I don't think I could ever get the hang of; and yet, they make it look easy. Afterward, they fed us a delicious Navajo taco lunch.
     We bought a rug the first time we visited, and the lady that wove it was working this time when we were there. So she found a rug that was similar to ours, and we had our picture taken with her. It was a cold, rainy day; but we didn't notice it because we were in the Trading Post. It was also a very enjoyable day. That was our last excursion with the Jensens because they are now short-timers.
     Today we attended Seminary Graduation for the Gallup Stake. They had a very nice program, recognized the eight seniors that received their four-year diplomas, and the 44 other students that completed the course of study for the year. I have enjoyed being able to do Seminary this year and learned a lot about the Doctrine & Covenants. It has taken a lot of time to prepare the lessons; but it has been worth it.
     When we weren't on the road, we were busy making visits and helping out the people in our area.

With all our goings and comings, you wonder when do we do missionary work? It is all part of missionary work for a senior couple. Their tasks are many and varied. Even within our District, each couple's missionary experiences will be different from another. We just take each day as it comes, and try to get as much done as possible before we call it day; and then we start all over the next day. Such is life in LA.

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