Sunday, May 10, 2015

     Another good week in the lives of the missionaries in Lupton, AZ. We were able to meet with several people throughout the week. We needed to get with our baptismal candidate and finalize his baptismal program. It rained good for two days; but finally, we just said we have to go to his place even if we have to walk in. Oh my, driving on these clay roads when they are muddy can be a real challenge – even with four-wheel drive. The mud pretty well takes you wherever it wants you to go. I just close my eyes, hang on, and say a prayer that we won't get stuck. When we got to his place, his truck was gone. You mean we tackled that mud for nothing? But luck was on our side. His wife had driven the truck to work, so he was home after all. Friday was the special day that we have been anticipating for months. He was baptized, and we're so thrilled to see it finally happen. Owen got to baptize him. He talked in the program and said that he had been waiting half of his life for this special event (he is 51-years-old.) He is the first in his family to be baptized, so who knows what his example and the future will bring. His wife has expressed an interest in learning more especially after his baptism, and we have been working with and teaching one of his aunts. Great things could be in store for this special family.
     This was not a good week for my glasses. On Tuesday, the nose bridge broke. So we headed to Gallup to see if we could get them fixed. No one had frames that would fit the lenses, but they suggested that we get them soldered. So after checking out three more places, we finally found a place that could solder them. Yeah, I have my glasses back again. Then on Thursday night, I was sitting at the computer and one of the lenses and a screw lit in my lap. Talk about frustrating. Back to Gallup we go to get the glasses fixed again. I hope that is it for now, because I can't really do much without my spectacles.
      Some of the senior missionary couples were planning on getting together on Saturday and making a trip to Chaco Canyon. The weather did not cooperate. You have to drive 20 miles on a dirt road to get to it. They had snow in Gallup Friday night, and it was cold, windy, and rainy all day on Saturday. So they put together a plan B, and we went to the Petrified Forest instead. Main reason for choosing there is that it is paved roads all the way, even in the Park. The wild flowers were out in abundance. I don't think I have ever seen that many wild flowers. I think everyone had an enjoyable time, in spite of the cold wind.

     We only had one hour of meetings today so the members could spend the rest of the day with their families. We had the Branch President (his wife had to work) and his son, and one of our girls have lunch with us. Sure enjoy visiting with them. We are going to miss the dear friends that we have made here. But since we aren't really that far away, I am sure we will be coming back for an occasional visit.

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