Sunday, May 31, 2015

      Today is the first day of our last full week in the mission field. It does not seem real. These last six months have gone by so fast. It has truly been a great experience.
      We were thrilled to be able to witness another baptism on Saturday. We were able to finish the discussions with her last week, schedule her interview with the Zone Leaders from Gallup, and then plan the baptism program. Owen was privileged to be able to perform the ordinance. He had the Branch President's son in the water to help, though, because of problems with her back and knees. She has commented several times on how happy she is. Today she was confirmed. During the combined meeting, she said that she has been looking for the true church her whole life, and now she has found it. She is 73-years-old. The whole Branch is excited to have her join the “family.” We have been able to see the benefits of having members involved in the missionary work. She came to Family Home Evenings and got to know some of the branch members; then when she came to church, she already had friends she knew and they continued to welcome her and fellowship her. One of the guys in our Home Evening group told us that he would talk to her and encourage her to be baptized every time he saw her. We didn't know he was doing this because their conversations were in Navajo. I am sure he had an influence on her decision to be baptized.
      We had a pot-luck barbecue for Family Home Evening this week. For a while it looked like all we would have to eat would be chips and drinks. They told us not to worry about furnishing anything, because they would take care of it. I decided to fix a dessert and the fixings (lettuce, etc.) for the hamburgers anyway. As luck would have it with a pot luck, only eight hamburger patties showed up and no buns. By time everyone finally showed up, however, we had plenty of food (including hot dogs). We had 30 people come, and I think it was an enjoyable evening for everyone there. I know we enjoyed it.

      We are still making visits and fellow shipping people in our area, giving Temple Prep. lessons to a man, doing service, and helping out wherever we can. We have truly been blessed and seen and felt so many tender mercies. Life is good!

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