Sunday, May 3, 2015

     The week started out kind of slow, but sure picked up momentum with each passing day. Our car needed some TLC. So in one day, we made four trips to Gallup – one first thing in the morning to take the car to the mechanic, followed by the truck so we would have a way home; another trip at mid-day to get a hair cut; then back again later to pick the car up. That would be three trips with the truck and one with the car. But, at least the car is back in good shape again. We had already made a trip to Gallup on Monday to do shopping (not knowing how many times we would be going later on in the week).
     Our good friend celebrated his birthday this week, so we treated his father and him to lunch – in Gallup, of course.
     Owen took another senior elder with him and went to Holbrook for another adjustment on his back. It is doing much better now. The elder wanted to have the doctor check his shoulder for him. While they were eating lunch, an older gentleman came into the establishment. He stopped and looked at them and their badges. He made the comment, “It seems like the missionaries have been getting younger and younger; but now that I see you two, I don't know what to think.”
     They hadn't taken their wives with them because I had already made arrangements to go to the Senior Center to demonstrate how to make slippers. So I took the other sister with me while our guys went to Holbrook. I hope that some of the ladies at the Center will make slippers either for themselves, their family, or to sell at the flea market and get a little extra income.
     We tried all week to visit with one of our investigators, but things just kept getting in the way. Not only were we trying to visit with him, but we had to keep changing the time for his baptismal interview. Finally, today everything lined up and he met with the Zone Leaders, had his interview, and passed! This has been a long time coming, so we are really thrilled to know that he is this close to baptism. Satan and his minions have intervened time and time again to stop him from getting baptized. The Branch President feels that there are special things in store for him because of all the trials he has had to overcome in order to get this far.
     Our Senior Citizen Center sponsored a party on Friday to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Older American Act. They invited several other chapters to join in the fun. There were some chapters that traveled about two hours in big vans to get to Lupton. I bet there were around 200 people there. We went down early and helped them get things set up. They had speakers, various activities, and served a delicious lunch. It was so neat to watch the interaction between the elderly. You could tell they were excited to be there and to see some of the people they hadn't seen for years. They had all dressed up for the party-complete with their gorgeous turquoise or coral jewelry. As part of the entertainment, they had small groups of Navajos that would sing a song accompanied by a small drum. It wasn't long before the beat of the music got to them, and several couples starting dancing in a circle. Some of the elderly could hardly move, but they did their best to move to the music. It was a special day to recognize some of the elderly and honor them. The Center gave out Certificates of Appreciation, and we were honored to receive one to thank us for the times we have volunteered there.

     Saturday we left at 5:30 in the morning with four youth (3 girls and a boy) to go to the Albuquerque Temple so they could do baptisms for the dead. I thought they might sleep part of the way since we had an early start. Foolish me! They didn't sleep, and neither would they let me. It seemed like every time I closed my eyes, someone would tickle me on the neck, or I would hear a very quiet whisper calling my name. They laughed, visited, laughed, played games, and laughed some more. It is neat to see these special young people enter the temple and perform this ordinance. It was sad, too, knowing this would be our last time to experience this with them. All we can do is encourage them to continue to take advantage of every opportunity they have to go to the temple and to feel of the Lord's spirit there. Hopefully, this will help them want to live worthy of the temple throughout their lives. They are such special youth and we pray for the best for them.

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