Sunday, April 19, 2015

 Another week has past, and the adventures just keep coming. We have given up trying to plan out an entire day, because we know it will never turn out to be the way we planned. We definitely have to be flexible and have lots of patience.
We had the opportunity this week to go with another senior couple, the Jensens, and visit the rug museum at Toadlena. They have the Two Gray Hills and Toadlena rugs. They are considered the elite of all the Navajo rugs. The wool is spun finer. The rugs are woven very close together, so they are lighter than rugs from other areas, and so very beautiful. I looked through one of the books featuring some of the master weavers from that area. It was a big, thick book, but it didn't take me long to discover that no two rug designs are alike; not even those done by the same weaver. It is fascinating to see all of the variations in designs. There was a tour group of about eight women there when we got there, so we got to watch a master weaver demonstration, and also see how they card the wool to prepare it for spinning. The museum had prepared a Navajo taco lunch for the tour group and invited us to join them. We sure picked a good day to go! It was especially neat because Elder Jensen served his first mission in that area over 50 years ago. So he shared some of his experiences and stories of what it was like back then.
Another day we took two ladies from here with us and went to Holbrook to the doctor. He worked Owen and them over and things are beginning to improve. I said that we had a “Mary” good time that day because both of the ladies' names are Mary.
We visited with our Branch President, and his ankle is continuing to improve. He is hoping to be back to work next week. While we were there, he asked Owen if he wanted a blessing. So he and his son gave Owen a blessing in Navajo. Not just sure what he said, but the Spirit was very strong. All of us were emotional afterward. He is a spiritual giant and has so much faith. Today in Church, he asked the members to fast one or two meals this week and pray for Elder Olsen so that he will be able to finish his mission. Never saw that one coming.
One of our friends has decided to try his hand at painting. He came by yesterday to show Elder Olsen his first attempt at a landscape. It was very good. Owen gave him a few pointers on shading, etc., and even showed him how a yucca stem can be used as a paintbrush. Now he wants Elder Olsen to also teach his 11-year-old son a few things about painting.
We continue to work with our investigators and nourish the members as much as we can. We love to go and visit with them, listen to their stories, and feel of their special spirits.

Today was an awesome day for us. As we looked around those in attendance at Sacrament Meeting, we realized that all four of our convert baptisms were there and three of our investigators. One of the converts passed the Sacrament for the first time today. Owen also had the special opportunity of blessing Marianya's baby brother, Sasuke, one of our many Navajo grandchildren. Owen refers to today as a “peak” experience for us as missionaries. It was certainly a highlight for us to remember and cherish.

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