Monday, April 13, 2015

It seems as though the time is really speeding up. We think of all the things we need and want to get done before we leave and don't know how we are going to accomplish it all.

Good news – I have my computer back! Our son was able to save a lot of the files, for which I am grateful. Instead of names, though, each file has a long number. So when I have a few minutes, I check some of them and see if they are for the trash or to save. It will take a while, but it will be nice to have some of those files back, and to be able to type things up that I need to.

We made two trips to Holbrook this week to see a chiropractor for Owen's back. We took one of our investigators with us both times. She has been having numbness in her legs and hasn't had good balance when she walks. The doctor was able to help both of them. She is so excited that she can walk straight now. Every time we see her, she has to walk back and forth for us to show us how well she is doing. She has accepted the baptism challenge, but it probably won't be for another month or so.

We also have two other investigators that have agreed to baptism. We hope one will be in two weeks and the other one not long after that. They are both great men and have become dear friends to us. The older one will be the only member in his family, but he says that his wife totally supports him in his decision to be baptized. In fact, he says that she won't let him do anything wrong. The other one is our little Marianya's father. We are excited for the day when that happens. They are such a cool little family.

We finished the Temple Preparation lessons this week with a young man. Can't wait for the day when we will go with him to the temple. It is interesting to see how the Lord has prepared certain people to hear either the Gospel or Temple lessons. We just have to be in tune and put forth the effort to do our part.

At our District meeting this week we got to meet the new couple who will be in the Employment Office in St. Michaels. They are from Oregon and will be here for 18 months. Our new Zone Leader and his wife, serving in Monument Valley, also came to our meeting. So we still had five couples. It was a very spiritual meeting with several sharing some of their missionary experiences. We look forward to the District meetings and being able to associate with the special couples in our District.

Today was our last Stake Conference with the Gallup Stake. We thought two of our investigators and three or four members would be riding with us. But, things came up and we ended up with only one member and her younger brother. Our Mission President and his wife were also at the Conference and spoke, as well as the Albuquerque Temple President and his wife.

Spring is definitely coming to the Lupton area. The trees at the church have bloomed and are now getting their leaves. Everything seems to be greening up. We have seen lizards, bunnies, squirrels, lots of prairie dogs, lambs, colts, puppies, road runners, tulips, lilacs, daffodils, etc. Some of the schools are even starting their year-end-testing this week, which is a sure sign.

We continue to have new adventures each day – no two days are ever alike. We see the Lord's tender mercies in the lives of the people we serve. It is so neat to see their countenances change as they come to accept and live the Gospel. We love the work, our area of service, and especially the special, special people that have become a part of our lives.

I had a number of pictures that I planned to put on the blog this week. I have tried three different times, without success, to get them to download to the blog. So I decided to go ahead and post the letter. I will keep working on the photos and will post them when, or if, I can get it all to work.

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