Sunday, March 22, 2015

We were able to spend some time this week doing service projects. One lady said that she would like Owen to check her home for her. When Owen checked it out, the home was just set on rocks for the foundation. The rain water is eroding away one corner and causing it to sink. He put some cement in that area to try and stop the eroding. We shall see if it works. Another day we went and put hand rails on a lady's porch. She has been having equilibrium problems and was very nervous about going down her front steps. She was so happy to get the hand rails. She walked up and down the steps several times with a big grin on her face. She said she was going to do that all day long because it felt so good to have the hand rails there. Another day Owen went down to the Chapter House, and helped out at the community garden and planted some fruit trees in the area. All of these projects were good and needed to be done. The bad thing is, Owen's back is complaining about the physical labor that he is not use to doing.

We had the opportunity last Monday to go rock hunting with the Senior Couple at Sawmill. There is an area up on their mesa where there is a lot of petrified wood. It was fun to walk around and try to find the prettiest rocks. They were all sizes – little to huge. It was a nice outing, and we enjoyed the time we spent with them. They will be finishing up their mission in two weeks and heading back to Alaska.

We have a member that has volunteered to help us clean the church. That will be good to have the extra help. After all, someone is going to have to do it when we are gone.

One of the members shared an experience she and her daughter had had. They needed to go to Gallup to get groceries. They got in their van, put on their seat belts, and she started the van. She said that a feeling just came over her that they should take the car. Which they did. They hadn't gone very far on I-40 when a semi-truck passed them. About the time the truck pulled back into her lane, she saw a large metal bar thing fall off the truck and bounced onto the road. She ended up driving over the bar, which flattened three of her tires. Now her steering wheel locked up and she was trying to steer off the freeway. She saw another semi-truck coming up behind her; it also ran over the bar and flattened some of its tires. He almost ran into the back of her car before he could get his rig stopped. She knows that if they had been in the van, they would have rolled when she hit the bar. Thank goodness she listened to the Spirit prompting her to take the car.

We went to a play last night in Gallup. Students from five middle and high schools in Gallup got together and did the play, “Seussical”. They did a pretty good job with it. It has been awhile since we have been to a play, so it was nice to do something different.

We should be starting the missionary lessons with a new investigator this week, plus continuing to teach our other ones. We have a young man that is just about finished with the Temple Prep. lessons and is looking forward to being able to go to the temple. We continue to teach, nourish, and help out the people in our area. The weeks are flying by and there is always much that needs to be done. That is good; no, that is bad because there are more and more things we need to do and less and less time to do them all.

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