Sunday, March 8, 2015

We had another busy week. Last Sunday afternoon, my brother and his wife from Washington State came for a visit. It was good to have the chance to visit with them and catch up on each others' news. On Sunday evening, since the weather was rainy and cold, we were trying to decide what to do on Monday. We decided to wait and see what the weather was like in the morning. Well, we got an early morning phone call (again) and ended up revamping our plans. A member needed help getting her mother to the doctor in Gallup. So we decided to divide and conquer. I would take the family members and show them around a bit, and Owen would take the member and her mother to Gallup.

We rode over to Ganado to the Hubbell Trading Post. It was established back in the 1870's and is still a working trading post, but is also a National Historic Site. It is a neat place to visit. Then we went over to the Window Rock Park so they could have their picture taken with the Code Talker Monument and the Window Rock arch. From there we went to the Nugget Store in Gallup. Imagine our surprise when we pulled up and there was a gray van with a Utah license plate in the parking lot. Owen looked a little surprised when we came walking in (busted). Needless to say, the Nugget is his favorite place in Gallup.  After we all got back home, we decided to take a ride out towards the south mesa and show them around that area. But it was starting to rain again, so we didn't venture too far. They had to leave on Tuesday morning, but we sure enjoyed our visit with them.

We had another fantastic Family Home Evening this week. One sister brought a big bowl of spaghetti and a green salad, and a brother brought some garlic bread. So we were able to have dinner, a lesson, and then a treat. We had five non-members in attendance – an investigator we are working with, his wife, a son, a grandson, and an aunt. They are all special people and seemed interested in what we had to say. We will do more contact work with them and see what happens. The members have expressed an interest in keeping the Family Home Evening group going even after we leave for home. I sure hope they are able to do so. It is a chance for them to get together, share a gospel message, and visit. Those that have been attending have developed a special friendship with each other.

Friday morning we got another one of our early morning calls (text message). Our little Marianya's mother was in the hospital in labor on her birthday, and they wanted us to come and get Marianya. Pretty special birthday present, wouldn't you say. We hurried and got ready and headed out; but by time we got there, the baby had been delivered. So now Marianya has a new little brother. We brought Marianya home with us. They thought they would be coming home on Saturday, but since the baby was two weeks early and wasn't gaining weight, they wanted to keep them until Monday. We ended up having Marianya stay with us until Sunday afternoon when her Daddy came and picked her up. So we had the opportunity to be grandparents for nearly three days. She is such a sweet little girl. We didn't have many problems, and for being just over a year old, she seemed to adjust to these two old people quite well. She wouldn't leave our badges alone, so we finally just took them off. She was always emptying Owen's shirt pocket, too. I think the people at church today were a little surprised to see Elder and Sister Olsen with a little girl. Owen had to do the Sacrament and I had to lead the singing, so the Branch President's wife held her for the first part of the meeting. She is such an easy going little girl and didn't seem to mind being held by a stranger. We would get several texts a day from her mother checking on her and telling us to give her hugs and kisses – like we needed to be told. Needless to say, our house seems extra quiet now that she is gone.

In our monthly Mission Newsletter, there were listed 18 young missionaries that had gone home, and only one new elder came out. But, he is a Visa waiter and is leaving this week. Sure glad we don't have the responsibility and stress that the Mission President does. He has had to make a lot of transfers and close down some areas. Hopefully, things will pick up again after school gets out.

Who knows what adventures await us this week. Time is really starting to fly by. We are down to only three months left. Where has the time gone?

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