Sunday, November 9, 2014

This week was spent visiting several families, teaching from Preach My Gospel and follow-up lessons for recent converts, studying and preparing for upcoming lessons, taking a member to Crown Point for an appointment, as well as making several trips to Gallup. The emission light on our truck came on, so we took it in to have it checked on Monday morning. We picked it up on Wednesday, only to take it back on Thursday. Hopefully, we will be able to get it back tomorrow and it will be fixed this time. There are a number of roads that we don't want to take the car on, so without the truck we are kind of limited as to where we can go.

At our District Meeting last Monday one of the Senior Couples shared a neat experience he had had. He served as a young missionary here some 51 years ago. He said that while he was in the Tohlakai area, there was a dear sister which was like a mom to all the missionaries. When talking with the current senior couple in Tohlakai, he found out that the postmistress had the same last name as the sister from years earlier. So they went to the post office there. He said that the minute he saw her, he recognized her as the woman's ten-year-old daughter he had known, only 50 years older. She told Elder Jensen that her mother was still alive (105 years old). Later he was able to go to the hogan and visit with her and some of her family. The son that was 12 when Elder Jensen first served remembered him and even his companion. He was so excited to think he had been able to meet the family again, especially the mother, after so many years.

The Navajo Nation had their elections on Tuesday. The Presidential race has turned out to be quite a fiasco. It started out as one of the candidates being challenged as to not being fluent in the Navajo language. Then, of course, other things for both of the candidates and running mates surfaced. Finally they said that the non-fluent guy could not run and the third place finisher in the Primaries would take his place. This was like on the Friday before the election. Course, by then it is too late to change the ballots and all. So they went ahead with the election for all the other offices, but postponed the election of the President until a later date. So even though their names were still on the ballot, the votes for them were not counted. Course, this doesn't affect us, but it will these special people. We are glad we are not the ones that need to figure all this out.

We had a District activity on Saturday. We were able to go to a friend's ranch for a visit. He has some fabulous artifacts, artwork, bronze statues, old-time wagons and farm machinery. It was neat to visit with him and see his collection. After the visit to the ranch, five of the six couples went out to dinner. That was the perfect way to end a nice afternoon.

Today we had a dinner invitation with a dear friend and some of her family. They said they wanted to thank us for all we have done for their family and the community. They even had a couple of gifts for us. We were not expecting anything like that. That was so very nice of them.

We look forward to another week full of new adventures and a continuation of old adventures. Life is great in LA.

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