Sunday, November 2, 2014

There has been a major change in our mission assignment. Owen is no longer in charge of the mission RVs, only as a consultant. The mission housing coordinator, Elder James, had a six-month calling. He lives in Farmington and has a son who is still in school. He has been a great help to Owen for supplies, resources, and even taking care of the RVs in Monument Valley and White Mesa. So Owen hated to see him leave. Elder James loved the time he spent serving and still wanted to serve. The President had a couple that he assigned to take over as the housing coordinators. So Owen and Elder James put their heads together and came up with a proposal to present to the President. They proposed that Elder James be the one in charge of the RVs with Owen being available when he needed him. That would free us up to concentrate more on Member/Leader Support and then Elder James would still be able to serve, but it wouldn't be quite so time consuming, and he would be able to have more time to be with his family. The President approved their plan. That should cut down on our mileage somewhat. The good thing about the RV assignment was that we got to see parts of the Mission that we would never have been able to, plus meet some of the Elders and visit with some of the Senior Couples.

We went out towards the South Mesa to visit some people and do a few errands. On the way back from a member's home, we noticed a lady standing by the side of the road. We pulled over and stopped by her. She said, “How did you know I wanted you to stop?” Come to find out she is the person we have been trying to find for about the last thee months. We first got her name and phone number from the Senior Couple in Sawmill. But, when I would call, it wasn't a working number. So I was able to get a different number, but still couldn't get a hold of her, and then it also went to a

non-working number. Anyway we were pleasantly surprised to find out who she was and to finally meet her. We had a nice visit with her. She is now staying with her daughter in that area. We had met her daughter several months ago, but never realized the connection. She has an eight-year-old grandson that she wants us to teach. We ended up taking her to Gallup the next day to pick up a load of wood for their home. While we were unloading the wood, Owen noticed that the wood around their metal chimney pipe was charred and was a definite fire hazard. He was really concerned that a fire would burn their home down in the near future. So now we have also been able to fix the chimney for them and quite possibly save their home from burning. Talk about being in the right place at the right time.

We had another very special experience today. Several months ago we had a man start attending our Branch. He lives in St. Michael's (which is even a different stake) but he had decided to come here because it feels more like home to him. He is a very special man with a strong testimony. We got permission from his Bishop to start the Temple Preparation classes for him. Today he was sustained and ordained an Elder. We went to the Chinle Stake Conference to be with him. The majority of the Stake Conference was broadcast from Salt Lake for Arizona. We got to hear from Elder Christofferson and Pres. Uchtdorf. Now we will finish up the Temple lessons and set a date for him to go to the Temple. He says he hurt his back when he did, so he had to stay home, was able to meet us, have the Temple lessons, and become an Elder. He is hoping to get his doctor's release in December so he can go back to work (probably back to Texas). One of those special blessings that can come as a result of faithfully enduring trials.

Things continue to go good for us here in Lupton. We are finding more and more opportunities to serve and enjoying the association we have with these wonderful people.

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