Sunday, September 14, 2014

This week we had the opportunity to travel to two places that were new to us. We went to Wide Ruins so the mother (and grandmother) could check two of her kids into the boarding school there. We have driven by the turn-off for Wide Ruins several times, but never driven through that area. They have a big, nice school there, dorms for some of the students, and new homes for faculty housing. This nice facility sits out in the middle of practically no where. There are a few homes around that can be seen, but not much else. A bus will pick the kids up at their home on Monday morning and bring them back on Friday afternoon. It is about 1 ½ hours from here.

We also got to see some of the sights at Dennehotso, (just over three hours from here) that is once the thick fog cleared. We went there to work with the porch crew again and put a roof on the porch for a senior couple. It was so foggy when we got there, we had no idea where to go. We ended up at a boarding school and called the couple to find out where the church and their trailer was. We had missed the turn-off about two miles back. We were finally able to find the church. Once the fog moved out, the church was easily visible from the road. Oh well, next time we will know. The guys did a good job on the porch. The ladies had a nice visit and fixed lunch. We were headed back home by 2:00 p.m.

We figured we could be back in time for our Family Home Evening group. We stopped along the way and took pictures of some interesting rock formations. When we headed up the pass from Ganado to St. Michael's, there had been a wreck up ahead and traffic was not moving. We waited for a while, then Owen noticed cars taking off on a dirt road and decided to follow them. Not my idea of a smart thing to do. But we wound over, about, and around the trees on a fairly good dirt road and finally ended up back on the highway on the other side of the wreck. We pulled into our yard just right before 6:00 p.m. and a car pulled in behind us. We didn't even have time to regroup because they were here for FHE. We found out later that others had come when the gate was still locked or before we got home.

Owen's birthday was also this week. He didn't seem to happy to be starting another decade. He spent most of the morning trying to help the pump truck find the septic tank on the property so we could get the sewer (especially at the church) working again. They never did figure out where it was. They did run a long sewer tape down the line that loosened up a clog and seemed to solve the problem. Then we decided to drive to Gallup and have lunch at the Sizzler (missionaries get their meals for half price). We had a while before our appointment, so I decided to let him go shopping at the Nugget. Big mistake – of course he found things that he “needed”. We just got back from our appointment when the senior couple from Gallup stopped by with a small birthday cake for Owen. That was so thoughtful, and we had a nice visit with them.

We were able to begin the Temple Preparation lessons with a man this week. He is so excited about the prospects of going to the temple. It is going to be fun teaching him. He has such a special spirit and very strong testimony, just an all-around special guy.

The young man we are teaching missionary lessons is moving right along. Before we met with him this week, we looked at the calendar and decided to ask him about being baptized on October 11th. When we asked the big question, he and his wife just looked at each other with big grins on their faces. He said, “That is my birthday.” His wife told us that he had been wondering if he could be baptized on his birthday. What a neat birthday present!!

Another day after an appointment, we were driving down this road we have been on dozens of times. We went passed a home. I told Owen we hadn't stopped there yet and that their gate was open.

First he said we would another time, but then started to turn the truck around. We got to meet a very nice man and his son. He isn't a member, but his wife and son are. They go to church in Sanders rather than here, though. Drats! After visiting for a while, we got up to go, and he said, “No, sit down and let's visit some more.” He wants us to come back when his wife is home so we can meet her.

On Saturday we had the two young girls come up to our house, and we planned the program for their baptism. They are getting excited for the big day (the 20th). While they were here, we made a batch of cookies for them to take home and share with their family. When we took them home, they asked if they could come again next Saturday. I told them it sounded fun, but we would be busy with the baptism of two special young women (meaning them). They just grinned at us. Cute, cute kids!

We are looking forward to another week full of new adventures and experiences. The Lord continues to bless us as we try to do what He wants us to do.

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