Sunday, September 21, 2014

This was the first week in a while that we didn't have to make any long trips. The RV elders reported that they had no problems. We didn't have any meetings in Chinle or Farmington; nor did we have any porches to build. However, I think we made four trips to Gallup and one to Window Rock, so I guess we were still on the road.

We had a tough decision to make on Wednesday as to whether to go home or not. We received word that one of our daughters-in-law had been pinned between a truck and a van and that she was on her way to the hospital in an ambulance. We were so worried about her and really felt that we were needed at home. But, the tender mercies of the Lord were again evident. Family members and people throughout the community stepped forth and have been such a comfort and help to their family. Because of that, we decided we better stay put and continue doing the Lord's work. How grateful we are for family and friends who are willing to go the second mile and be of service when someone is in need. When we got the report later, we found out that she had broken her pelvis in five different places, but the bones were still lined up; so the doctors did not feel that she needed surgery. It is bad, but really could have been so much worse. We feel she had guardian angels surrounding and protecting her. She was in the hospital for three days, and is now in a Care Center where she can have physical therapy daily, a little extra care until she has healed sufficiently to be able to get around on her own, and then she can go home. The injuries to her right side are non-weight bearing, so she has to be extra careful for a while until things start to heal.

The Young Women were having an activity this week that I was able to help with. They took a place mat, folded a long side up part way, and sewed it into three little pockets so they would have a special carrier for their Personal Progress booklets. They turned out pretty cute, and the girls were excited to think they had made them themselves. They all had to come over to the trailer to show Elder Olsen their finished projects.

Saturday was a very special day for us and two young girls. It was their baptism day, and we are so proud of them. They have really come a long ways in their knowledge of the Gospel. The only thing I felt bad about was that no one from their family were there to support them. We had asked the Young Women's President to give a talk, but she had to go to Phoenix to spend some time with her cousin sister who is under critical care. So her sixteen-year-old daughter offered to give the talk for her mother. I was impressed with her willingness to do so. We picked up her, the younger sister, and the other two girls and headed to Gallup. There was another baptism going on at 10:00, so we had to wait for a little while; but it gave the girls an opportunity to see someone else baptized before it was their turn. We ended up having eight missionaries there (three senior couples and the elders). The Branch President's son was able to do the baptizing. The program was very special and everything seemed to go very well. The Branch President felt impressed to do the confirmations after the baptisms. Talk about Priesthood power (five full-time missionaries and the Branch President). The Branch President gave them both beautiful blessings. They are going to have a lot of challenges in their lives; so we hope and pray they will be able to be strong, that their testimonies will continue to grow, and the members in the Branch will step up and support and be there for them after we are gone. They are very special young girls, whom we have come to love.

After the baptism and all, we took the four girls to lunch at Pizza Hut. I don't know if the girls enjoyed it as much as we did; but all in all, it was a very special day for us.

We continue to love the work, both the ups and downs. We are so grateful for the Lord's help and how He strengthens us so we are able to continue to serve among these beautiful Navajo people in the Lupton area.

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