Sunday, September 28, 2014

This past week turned out to be quite interesting. We took a member to Crown Point so she could be there for drug court. Crown Point is 90 minutes away from here. It was a new place for us to see and visit. The court went well, and she is making an honest effort to try and turn her life around. So we just pray for her and hope she will be strong enough to resist all the temptations that are around.

The next day we ended up going the other direction to Wide Ruins. Two of our younger friends had missed the bus for their boarding school. The great grandmother wanted to know if we could take them. No one in that area has a car, so the kids would have to miss the whole week of school because the bus picks them up on Monday and then brings them home on Friday.

On the way home from Wide Ruins we stopped at a trading post and decided to get a Navajo taco for lunch. They are so delicious. Later that afternoon, we grabbed a quick bite of supper and went to Oak Springs for an appointment. The lady there had a pot of beans cooking. She said if we would stay, she would mix up some fry bread and we could have chili and fry bread. It is impolite to refuse an invitation to eat, even if you have just recently eaten. So for the second time that day we had fry bread and chili beans. I am sure you get the idea of what the rest of the evening was like. The fun part, however, was that the sister gave us a lesson on how to make fry bread. I am not one that likes to just estimate how much of each ingredient. I like to measure things out, which they do not do. Once the dough is mixed up, then it is the tricky part. She made it look so easy. I didn't have much trouble until it came time to do the flapping of the dough back and forth between the hands. Mine just did not want to work. I got it way too thin in the middle and too thick on the edges. Owen actually had an easier time doing it than I did. We sure laughed and had a good time. Instead of our dough turning out into a nice round circle like hers, our dough would resemble different states. So we had fun trying to name the state – California, Florida, Alaska, etc. I don't know if I will ever be able to develop the knack for making fry bread.

We are continuing to teach the missionary lessons and Temple Prep. lessons to some special people. They are progressing and have strong desires to take the next ordinance. But, Satan is working overtime, and it is hard to resist the temptations when they are all around you. Hopefully, they will be strong, and they will be able to realize the blessings that can be theirs if they can make the right choices. So we shall see.

I picked up our two young girls (Navajo grand daughters) on Saturday afternoon and brought them up to our home. We made a big batch of waffle cookies and played a couple of games. They were in no hurry to go home. I took them back home after about three hours, and then went back an hour or so later and picked them up to go to Gallup to the broadcast of the Women's Conference. It is fun to see their reactions to different things, things that have become common place for me because I have seen them my whole life – like the Conference Center, how the meeting works, etc. During one of the talks about temples, the one young lady leaned over and asked me, “Will I be able to go there, to the temple sometime?” Seeds are being planted in their lives.

Our daughter-in-law is recovering from the accident. Heavenly Father has certainly blessed her and the family. She might get to go home later this week. Course she will be in a wheelchair for a while until her bones heal sufficiently to support weight, then she can graduate to a walker.

A dear sister (the 91-year-old that we went to her birthday party a while ago) has been in the hospital for the past week. They brought her home on Wednesday, but had to take her back Thursday morning. We rode into Gallup today so Owen could help give her a Priesthood blessing. She didn't look very good. She is a very special grandmother whom we have come to love.

If any of you are considering going on a mission with your spouse, we recommend you request the New Mexico Farmington Mission. It is the BEST! Not only will you fall in love with the beautiful people and scenery, but it will be an adventure you will never forget.

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