Monday, July 21, 2014

What a relief to have the trailer moved to Monument Valley. Owen and I went to Steamboat on Wednesday. The housing coordinator met us there and we took the skirting off and fixed the utilities so it would be ready to roll. We met him there again on Thursday, hooked up the trailer, and followed him to Monument Valley. We did what we could on that day. Arrangements had been made for us to stay in Kayenta at a senior couple's empty trailer. That was good so we didn't have to drive 3 ½ hours home, just to turn around and come back the next day. I told Owen I wanted pizza for supper. We stopped at a pizza place there in Kayenta and were pleasantly surprised when she told us that missionaries eat there free. That pizza was even better than I had expected.

On Friday we had four elderly elders, two young elders, and me to work on the trailer. I thought with that much help, there really wouldn't be much for me to do. That is what I get for foolish thinking. When I wasn't helping on the insulation and skirting, I was helping the housing coordinator do some cleaning and moving stuff in the new trailer for the senior couple that will be coming in a couple of weeks. There is a new chapel there in Monument Valley, so now they have moved a trailer and an RV in for missionaries to live in in order to open up that area to missionary work. It is a beautiful setting, but I am glad it isn't us going to be there. I am quite satisfied with where we are.

Saturday was a very special day for two very special ladies. We had the privilege of teaching a mother and her daughter the Temple Prep. lessons, and that was the day they were able to go to the Albuquerque Temple and receive their endowments. They got hung up in traffic on the way in, so we missed our scheduled session and had to wait an extra hour and a half for the next session. But, that was still better than trying to cram all the preliminaries in for them in 45 minutes and really having them flustered. The 2:00 session was clear full anyway, where the 3:30 session had five men and ten women on it. Members from the Branch that came to be with them still went on the 2:00 session because they had kids doing baptisms at the same time. The Branch President and his family waited until we were through, and then we had some dinner before we headed home. In spite of everything, it turned out to be a wonderful day, and the things that were important were taken care of.

Our District (all senior couples) meet together every other week. Usually our meetings are held in Tohlakai, NM (32 miles away); but this week we drove to Blue Water, NM which is 75 miles away. The couple that live there are service missionaries and will be finishing their mission on July 28th. They invited us all out to their home for the evening. We really enjoy the evenings when we get together. It gives us an opportunity to get to know the other missionaries better, to share experiences, and bounce ideas off of each other.

Another day we drove to Chinle to see some Native American dancers in full costume. Chinle District had arranged this activity and invited the other districts to participate. There were four youth that demonstrated different dances It was very interesting to watch, and their costumes were fabulous with all the beadwork, etc.

Doesn't sound like much of a missionary week, but we were able to teach the young girls a couple more lessons, visit several people, and make more contacts. I have to keep reminding myself that the RVs are part of our missionary work, also, since that assignment came directly from the Mission President. We continue to enjoy the time we are serving and especially being around such wonderful people.


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