Tuesday, July 29, 2014

This was somewhat of a slow week for missionary work. We had several appointments, but only a few were home when we went by. We were able to contact or meet some new people and we will continue to follow up with them.

One morning Owen was sitting in the front room and decided he needed to go check the mail. When he got back, he had talked to four different people (all non-members). Two wanted him to come by and check their homes for security and one asked if we would come by and visit her. The other one we have visited several times at the Senior Center and once at her home. Owen asked her about coming to visit her again at her home. She said she would be happy to have us come by. Her son has been baptized, so some seeds have already been planted. We will do what we can to keep in touch with them and see what happens.

On the 24th of July we thought we would ride over to Ramah and see their celebration. Ramah was settled by the Mormons and also has a museum there. A couple of things came up the day before and we decided not to go. The afternoon of the 24th we got an email from the District Leader telling us that the activities in Ramah were Friday evening and Saturday. Thank goodness we had decided not to go on Thursday. We would have driven all the way over there for nothing.

We were excited to have a visit from our son, Ron, his wife, Charlotte, and the four kids. They came down on Friday evening and stayed until Monday morning. On Saturday we went out to the Petrified Forest National Park and went through that. When we got back, we decided to ride in to Gallup and check out the Nugget store (chuck full of Indian artifacts) and the flea market. The Nugget was closed, and the flea market was winding down. They had a rainstorm go through, so most of the vendors had already left. Usually there are three, double-sided, long rows of vendors and tons of people.

Our kids didn't even have to speak in church on Sunday. There was a family from Gallup that came out to speak (all seven of them) in our Branch, and then they stayed for the second meeting. We had a total of 38 people in attendance at Church (13 of them were visitors). We are awaiting the day when our attendance hits 50 or more, hopefully that will happen while we are still here.

We visited the Window Rock Park so the kids could see the arch and the Code Talker Memorial. The boys wanted to hike up to the arch, but the family was in kind of a hurry to get on the road for home. We are grateful for the time we had to visit with them. It is hard to tell them 'good-bye', but the way the days and weeks are going swiftly by, it won't be long before we will be home again.

We have been asked to teach Seminary this school year. So we are trying to get the materials gathered up, find out who wants to take it, when to hold it, and things like that. We will only be able to teach it once a week, so it will be the Home Study course. One more thing to add to our missionary resume.

We continue to be amazed at the tender mercies that God gives to us. We do not have the ability to see what each one will open for us, but we continue to have new experiences, new challenges, and new adventures; each of which puts love in our hearts for the Savior and for these people.

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