Monday, July 14, 2014

This was one of those weeks when we were 'on the road again.' Monday we drove to Farmington for an eye appointment. Tuesday - it was to Tohlakai to put more insulation behind the skirting of the RV. Thursday was a Zone Conference in Gallup; and Friday, we checked on the RVs in Polacca and Steamboat. This week we are planning on helping to move the RV from Steamboat and set it up at Monument Valley – should be interesting.

In spite of the time on the road we did manage to make some good contacts, visit with several people, and do some more teaching. We were able to meet a couple of times with the children I mentioned last week. The youngest has decided he isn't interested in the lessons, but we are continuing to teach the other two. It is a challenge to figure out how to adapt the lessons so that the children are better able to understand them and what we are talking about, and still teach the same concepts that are in Preach My Gospel. But we will do our best. It is very humbling to be in their hogan, sitting on five-gallon buckets for chairs, and to smell the delicious aroma of great grandmother's fry bread cooking. I told Owen all that is missing is us giving the lesson in Navajo, but I don't think that will ever happen. The two girls did come to Church today, so that was exciting.

I guess the monsoon season has started here. We had that nice, big storm on Friday, the 4th. Then the storm on Tuesday made Friday's storm look like a sprinkle. We had driven out to check on our friend who had hurt her foot. We had only been there a few minutes when it started to sprinkle. Owen decided we better head back. They live quite a ways off the highway, on a dirt road, and through an underpass that is a wash turned into a road. It is a good thing we left when we did. By time we got back to the paved road (Route 66), the rain was really pouring down. Cars on I-40 were pulling off to the side of the road and stopping because they couldn't see. There was water running everywhere. The underpass before the Chapter House had some water pooling up in it, but we made it through it. We heard that it got three feet deep there before it started to drain off. We drove around later after the rain stopped to check out some of the places. I was wishing I had taken my camera. There was a lot of water running off the hill where we live, even took out a road to some of the homes, a large stream of water was running in front of the Chapter House and some even got in it. The Rio Puerco River had quite a bit of water in it, too. It had a little water in it back in December when we first got here; but has since dried up and and been dry for months. So it was good to actually see some water running down the river. A lot of places were badly eroded because of the sandy soil and the force of the water – new gullies, ruts, and adventuresome roads. We have had a storm every day this week, usually in the afternoons or evenings, but none like the one on Tuesday. We took some pictures from our front porch of some pretty cool rainbows that spanned the whole sky. Made me wish I had special lenses on my camera so I could get a picture of the whole rainbow, because we could literally see it from end to end.

We had a pleasant surprise yesterday. Our little family that moved to Salt Lake was back in the area and came by to visit. It was so good to see them again. We have really missed them. The two little boys made themselves to home – just as if they had only been gone a few days. The family is still trying to adjust and get a place of their own, but we know that the Lord will bless them.

As the new week begins, we can only guess what adventures God has prepared for us; but I am sure He will be letting us know

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