Sunday, May 25, 2014

Life in LA continues to be great. We ended up doing a lot of service and checking RVs this week. At our District Meeting on Monday night, one of the sisters asked if Owen and I could help them pack up their trailer. The mission is getting them a newer one, and they thought they had a week to move everything out and into a temporary trailer in Gallup. Then Monday afternoon they found out they needed to be out by Wednesday. So we canceled our trip to Sawmill and went to Tohlakai. Owen called the mission housing coordinator and told him of the dilemma. He showed up with a van and trailer and six elders. WOW! It was amazing how fast things were moved. I worked with Sister England (who is blind) packing things into boxes and let the elders handle the big things.

We went back to Tohlakai on Wednesday to check on the mice problem there at the RV, and the England's car was at their trailer. I went over to check on them, and they were finishing up the odds and ends. So we stayed and helped for another couple of hours, plus took a load of things in the truck to Gallup for them.

The fun thing of all this is that it will probably be only two weeks and then they get to move back to Tohlakai into their newer trailer. Hopefully it won't be the rush job that moving out was.

The appliances in the trailer were removed and rather than just put them in storage, they were giving them away to someone who needed them. We have a sister in our Branch who has been looking for a kitchen stove for several months. She has been praying that Heavenly Father would help her find one she could afford. She went to Gallup on Monday to try and buy one, but her check didn't come in, so she didn't have the money. When Owen called her on Tuesday and asked her if she wanted the stove, she was so very excited. She says it is a Godsend. Neat to be able to play a part in Heavenly Father answering her prayers.

We haven't been to White Mesa for a while, so we decided to take a road trip (over 400 miles) and check on the RV. The wild flowers along the way were in full bloom and made up for the long drive. We have finished checking on all the RVs just in time for a new month and to start all over.

Later in the week, Sister England called and wanted to know if I would take her shopping. They are going home for a few days and she wanted to take some gifts with them. Owen said the best place to go would be The Nugget because we get really good prices there. He offered to go with us. If he had known it would take us over three hours, he might not have been so accommodating. It was a fun experience and really made me realize how much we take the gift of vision for granted. She would pick up a necklace and say, “Now tell me about this piece.” “Would this look good with the outfit I have on?” “Help me find some plain silver earrings.” Course Owen ended up spending more money than Sister England did.

We had a change in our Branch Presidency today. Our Branch President was released and the 1st councilor is now the Branch President. We have a new first councilor who lives in Gallup, and the second councilor stayed the same. It will be a time of adjustment for our little Branch. Our Branch President lives in Gallup, but he brought his family here to Church. His wife played the organ and was the Primary President, his daughter led the singing, and his two sons were the Aaronic Priesthood and took care of the Sacrament. They will leave a big hole in the Branch for a while. Speaking of the Branch President, check out page 59 in the Ensign, conference issue. That picture is our past Branch President and one of his sons. The new Branch President is a very special man. He has such a strong testimony and so much love for the people. He was the very first person we met when we moved here. He is our go-to-man whenever we have questions about the Navajo culture and customs.

The Lord continues to watch over us and bless us in so many ways. We are grateful to be able to serve in LA and among these special Navajo people.

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