Sunday, May 18, 2014

In among trips this week, we managed to squeeze in some missionary work. Our trips were to Farmington to have my eye checked because I was seeing spider webs in my peripheral vision. Turns out things are okay, just getting older. The RV trips this week were to Kayenta, Chilchinbeto, Sawmill, and Polacca, plus two trips to Gallup to get parts and/or supplies for them. We now have added 'exterminators' to our missionary resume. We had to do some major patching of holes, cleaning, and putting out a lot of D-Con in and around the trailer in Polacca. They have moved the Elders out for a couple of weeks, and hopefully the mouse problem can be under control by then. They had already trapped 18 mice by time we got the call for help. The other two trailers don't seem to be having any problems, yet. But we are not responsible for them, thank goodness.

We met with several Branch members and continue to try to meet others or visit the ones we know and also know where they live.

We met several times during the week with our 19-year-old investigator to finish up reviewing some of the Laws and plan his baptismal program. It has been special to see the change in him during the last several weeks – the change that can happen when you let Christ into your life.

The baptism on Saturday went really well. He was baptized by his uncle, who is the Branch's 2nd councilor. There were uncles, aunts, and cousins from his family there to share this special event and support him. His father, who is less active, was there and seemed touched by the proceedings. Another uncle gave a nice talk. He drove over from Albuquerque to be here for this special event. He mentioned that in just the last six or seven months, he has seen a conversion change in their family. There have been nine or ten people in their family who have become active, baptized, or received temple ordinances and how it has brought their family closer together. He also said that if you had told him a year ago that his nephew would be baptized, he would not have believed it, and now it has happened. We feel we were truly blessed to have been led to this young man and to be an instrument in the Lord's hand to help him accept the Gospel. We also feel very blessed to know this special young man and have him a part of our lives. We are going to continue to nourish and help him strengthen his testimony. Who knows – maybe someday he will be called on a mission.

Our Branch President confirmed him today in Sacrament Meeting and gave him a nice blessing. Owen was very touched and couldn't resist giving him a hug at the end of the confirmation. He is such a shy young man, but he didn't seem to mind and hugged Owen back. Now if that had been me giving the hug, he would have probably been embarrassed.

The owner of the truck stop in this area was at the baptism. He is a member of the Church. Owen took the opportunity to talk to him about Lupton's fire department. He definitely agreed there is a need, if for no other reason than to cover his place which has thousands of gallons of gas, diesel, and propane. Owen found out that he already has a fire engine, and he agreed to put up a building for it so that the tank won't freeze in the winter. He said he would like to have as many of his employees who want to, to be trained and ready to respond when a call comes in. He is even willing to enhance the pay checks of those who do the training and when they respond. That was another very exciting thing for Owen that day. He might actually be able to see his dream of a fire department in Lupton come true.  Sometimes dreams do come true.

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