Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mothers Day to all the special mothers out there. The days are quickly slipping away, and another week has come and gone hardly before we even realize it. The Lord's work is continuing to progress here in our Lupton area. The 19-year-old investigator that we have been working with passed his baptismal interview, so now we are finishing up a few details, reviewing, and planning the baptism program with him. We are all very excited.

We had the opportunity of going to the Albuquerque Temple again this week with the Senior Couples from our District. There were eight of the eleven couples there. The District Leaders were the witness couple. The prayer circle consisted of all the Senior Missionary couples. How awesome is that?! As I glanced around the circle, I felt a great overflowing of love for these very special people who have become our forever friends.

As we were driving home, we were facing a very strong wind. It was hard for us to stay on the road, so I don't know how the semis were managing. Then another day we had rain that turned into hail and laid down about an inch or so. It looked just like it had snowed. About an hour later, the sun was shining and it was all melted. We never know from one hour to the next what it will be like. One lady said that there are not very many places you can live where you can experience all four seasons in just one week.

Sunday our Branch President and family weren't to Church, as well as the 1st counselor. They had called us earlier in the week and asked us to speak. Not only were we the speakers, but I had to pick the songs and lead the music. Owen helped bless and pass the Sacrament He was relieved when the teacher for Priesthood/Relief Society showed up so he didn't have to teach. I went to do the Primary. There were only two little brothers, ages 5 and 2, three young women, and a young mother. Just as we were getting ready to start, the boys' mother came and got them. So now I had to do some quick thinking and change the Primary lesson into a lesson for Young Women. The blessings of living in a small branch.

We got a letter from a friend from home. She told us that they had met Doc. Misler, our long rider that was here a while ago. Her daughter lives in Wellington, UT. She had seen Doc and his horses at a hotel. She felt bad for him and invited him to her place and took care of his horses for about a week. Her husband is taking the missionary discussions. When they came for the discussion, Doc noticed their Elder name tags and told them that he had met a very nice Elder – Elder Owen Olsen. So now we know that Doc has made it at least as far as Wellington. Interesting that he would meet up with someone who knew us and make that connection.

The Senior Couple that had to go home early for health reasons, the Kellys, are going to be staying in our home for awhile. They don't own a home and looked around Utah Valley for a place to rent. Some nice, but expensive places; so since we had offered them our place to stay in while we are gone, they decided to take us up on it. Course that meant the kids had to go in and clean out a couple of closets and chest of drawers, etc. in order for them to have a place to put some of their stuff. Sorry, kids – I promise we will work on dejunking when we get home. So if you are ever in the Cleveland area, stop by and say “hi” to the Kellys. They are a super nice couple.

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