Sunday, January 11, 2015

The adventures in LA never cease to amaze us. We just begin to think that we have seen it all, and then something else comes along, and we are left shaking our heads in amazement.

Luke 9:1-2 “Then he called his twelve disciples together, and gave them power and authority over all devils, and to cure diseases. And he sent them to preach the kingdom of God and to heal the sick.”

This scripture pretty well sums up our experiences this week. Early one morning we got a call that a family needed our help. When we got there, we found a 26-year-old man who was possessed by an evil spirit. In due time, the Priesthood power prevailed, and he was able to go to sleep. When he awoke, he had no memory of the experience.

On several occasions during the week, Owen was called upon to give blessings to people who were sick or wanted a blessing. They ranged in ages from 10 to 92.

We were also able to teach a discussion to an investigator as well as pick up a load of wood for them so they could have warmth in their hogan.

It appears the cold air has given way now to somewhat warmer air and has caused the snow to melt. In fact, we even had rain last night with more in the forecast.

The flu season is here now, but so far we have been able to stay ahead of it except for colds. There were only a few people to church today, probably because of the weather, sickness, or the mud.

One sister told us how she had let her sheep out to pasture as she does every day. They got across the road and into some bad mud – clear up to their knees. She was able to get them all out and headed home except for two older ewes. She put them in the cornfield and took the others on home. One of the ewes came home on her own later, but the other one didn't have the strength. So she left her there another day. When she went back the next morning to check on her, she had been killed by either red foxes, coyotes, wild dogs, or a mountain lion. All of those critters are in that area. She decided to keep the sheep in the corral and feed them hay for several days rather them let them out until the ground dried up a little. It is hard for them to lose one of their sheep. Not only does it affect their livelihood, but they know them like they are one of their children. We asked her one time if she counts her sheep each evening to make sure they have all come home. She told us that she doesn't need to count them. She just looks at their faces and can tell if any are missing.

Our two young ladies continue to come nearly every week and spend time with us, playing games, visiting, and eating. We always try to feed them at least one meal while they are here. With all the people that live in their area and only one has a job, I am pretty sure there isn't a lot of food to go around.

I was doing laundry this week and had one batch left to dry, when the dryer decided to die. We called Housing and he said he had another dryer in Shiprock and would pick it up tomorrow and bring it out to us. No problem – right - except for one small detail he discovered when he got here. Our dryer was electric and the dryer he brought was gas. So I guess if all else fails, we can do what the Natives do and head for the laundromat.

I had a hole develop in the back of a tooth. At first I thought I would just wait until we got home to have it fixed; but, I finally broke down and called a dentist. I thought it would just be a simple filling and I would be done. Before I was through, I had x-rays, a filling, a root canal, and the tooth prepped for a crown (2 ½ hours in the chair). Now comes the good news – the dentist said he would accept what my insurance pays and would not charge me any extra because I am a missionary. Every now and then we hear about or experience a missionary perk. I have been surprised as to the number of businesses or people who will go the extra mile to help out missionaries. It is very much appreciated by the missionaries. Hopefully, we will be able to return the favor or follow their example when we are no longer serving as missionaries.

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