Sunday, January 25, 2015

As usual, we had a busy week with meetings, appointments, trips to Gallup, and visiting with the people. We had our bi-monthly District Meeting on Monday in Gallup. The next time we meet will be in Blue Water at the Rowley's since the weather prevented us from visiting them on New Year's Day.

Owen is becoming the local handyman. This week he worked on making sure a trailer was level so the windows would open and close. A family was finally able to get electricity and water to their hogan, but the hot water pipes leak. Owen figures the pipes had frozen sometime in the past. So now he is trying to run new lines and hook everything up so they can enjoy the luxury of hot water. An older couple asked him if he could install the new kitchen sink that their niece had given them. Plumbing isn't necessarily his favorite thing to do. We have a few stories of our plumbing experiences at home, but in the end everything worked out. So I guess that is what we are hoping for here.

We had an evening appointment with a family in Manuelito. Their road can be a challenge on a good day; so with the recent storms, we weren't too sure whether we could make it or not. We decided to give it a try. We were able to drive part of the way in and then parked our truck by one of their cars at the bottom of the hill. We took off hiking, up over the rise, and down their road. Wasn't long before we were spotted by their dogs – and we hadn't brought the jerky with us. We made it to the house without any mishaps and had a nice visit with the family. On the way back to the truck, Owen decided that we probably could have driven all the way in to the home. Oh well, maybe next time.

The night before we had gone and visited in Oak City. Her road was very slippery and we almost got stuck. So we didn't want to chance it. We have found that 4-wheel drive really doesn't help much when the mud is so deep and slippery.

Our friend who lives in Thoreau tells us that the road to his house is the worst he has seen it in twelve years. He says it isn't mud – it's soup! He had gravel on it, but it has all disappeared.

Our District Leader has been having some health problems. He is in Zuni and has gone to the emergency room several times. They told him he was dehydrated and treat him for that. A couple of times he has also had severe pain. Finally he called his doctor in Idaho, and he ordered a CAT scan for him. He found out that he has a bad gall bladder and has passed a stone or two. They have six months left on their mission, so he said he would just wait and have it taken care of when they got home. I guess someone else had other plans; because on Thursday morning his pain was so bad, they went to the hospital in Farmington. He was taken right in to surgery. They had to keep him a couple of extra days, though, because of blood pressure problems. Just because you are a missionary doesn't mean you are exempt from health issues and trials.

We never know from one day to the next what adventure will come along; who will call and need help; or who we will meet as we are out and about. It certainly keeps life interesting. We are grateful to be able to be here and to serve, nourish, help, and bring the Light of Christ into the lives of some of these people. We know that the Lord continues to bless us as we do so.

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