Sunday, December 14, 2014

The weeks are flying by. Last week we celebrated our one-year anniversary of entering the MTC in Provo. On the 16th of this week, it will be our first-year anniversary for being residents of Lupton, AZ. We have met some very special people during that time. We have had challenges that we didn't know if we would be able to handle or not. We have had some very special times that have brought much joy into our lives and strengthened our testimonies. We have seen so many tender mercies of the Lord and little miracles that we have no doubt He is watching over us, guiding our footsteps, and helping us as we serve His mission.

We were thrilled this week to be able to set a baptismal date (Jan. 10th) for an investigator. We have a few items we need to finish up teaching him, but we can see him learning and growing in the Gospel each time we meet. He told us there was another senior couple here a few years ago that came by and tried to teach him. He said that he is embarrassed to admit it, but he was very antagonistic towards them. The Lord has softened his heart, and he is just like a sponge trying to absorb everything he can about the Gospel. He has been to church the last three Sundays. We didn't think he was coming today, but he showed up shortly after the meeting started. Our speakers today were a councilor in the Stake Presidency and his wife. They chose to share with us how they received their testimonies and how one can believe something to be true; but until they know it with their heart they are not truly converted. They talked about other things, too; all of which were exactly what the investigator needed to hear, and things we have also been discussing with him. I talked to the sister after the meeting and expressed how much I had enjoyed their talks and how they had been so good for the investigator. She told me that another couple had been assigned to speak in our Branch, but they had called them on Friday and asked if they would fill in for them because they wouldn't be able to make it on Sunday. Does the Lord have a hand in the details of our lives or was it all just by chance? For us, it was definitely another of the Lord's tender mercies.

We had another visit from one of our sons, his wife, and children. They are in-between their move from Oklahoma to California. They were able to stay for a couple of days. It was so good to see them and to spend some time with them. We showed them some of the sights around the area. We went to the Petrified Forest, but it started raining before we got there and even snowed on us on the way home. We didn't get to spend a lot of time checking out the different sites, but it was still a good day and just good to be together.

We never seem to lack for things to do. Sometimes we have a hard time trying to decide what to do when and squeezing everything in. But, somehow it all works out.

The excitement is starting to build for the upcoming Christmas. It will be our second Christmas in the mission field. What a wonderful time of year, and how blessed we are to be able to celebrate another Christmas among the Lamanite people.

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