Sunday, December 28, 2014

Our 2nd Christmas in the mission field is now history. We had a pretty full week. We started out on Monday morning with a District Meeting and luncheon. It is always fun to get together with the other couples. We have become close with one another because of the many things we share and the times we are able to be together.

We had to leave the District Meeting a little early because we had a dinner appointment in Houck at our Branch President's home. They were having their family Christmas dinner early because his wife had to work during Christmas.

We made several Christmas goodies and took them around to some of the families in our Branch on Tuesday and Wednesday. I was surprised that we were able to catch all of them at home, so we also got to visit with them.

We spent two days looking for our camera. I knew we had it when we were at the District Meeting, but couldn't remember having it since then. We searched and searched and no camera turned up. Most of the pictures on it I had already downloaded to the computer, so I didn't feel too bad about losing pictures. I just didn't want to have to buy another camera right now. Owen called some of the senior couples to see if it had been put in the wrong box. Our District Leader sent an email out to everyone on Christmas morning to tell them to keep an eye open for the Olsen's camera. Shortly after the email went out, we got a phone call from the Branch President. He wanted to know if we were missing anything. Owen told him we couldn't find our camera. He laughed and said that we had given him a camera for Christmas. We had put their gifts in a grocery bag when we went there on Monday and just put the whole bag under their little tree. Neither one of us can remember putting the camera in that bag. Oh well, at least the mystery of the missing camera was solved and we have our camera back.

We ended up having a white Christmas after all. It snowed about four inches on Christmas Day.

We had a dinner appointment on Christmas in Sanders. I wasn't too excited about driving in the snow, but we made it and were glad that we went.

We also went to a birthday party for a little one-year-old this week. She is such a cutie. You don't realize how fast the time has gone by until you realize that she wasn't even born when we first got here last year.

Of the two couples that live the closest to us, there are four of us who have December birthdays. So we got together for a birthday party last night, had dinner, visited, and played games.

It didn't look like we would have very many to church today. When we started the meeting, there were only 16 people there. But within twenty minutes, our numbers had increased to 38. Now if we can just get to the point where we start with 38 and then double that number in 20 minutes. That would be so great.

Tender moments sometimes come at the most unexpected times. Owen was sitting in the combined Relief Society/Priesthood meeting, when he heard a baby crying out in the hall. He knew that the baby belonged to the little family he usually picks up for church, so he went out to check with them and see if everything was okay. He no sooner got out there, then the Primary President came hurrying out of the Primary room and went outside. When he checked on her, she was having a severe asthma attack. The inhaler she had wasn't helping, so he came over to the trailer and got an emergency inhaler and took over to her which helped to lessen her attack significantly. Had he not been prompted to go check on the baby, he wouldn't have known she was having trouble and been able to help her.

This week will bring new adventures, new acquaintances, and a brand new year. Wishing you all the best in the coming year – make it a good one.

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