Sunday, October 12, 2014

The weeks continue to be full of adventures. Twice in one day we headed out to visit a couple of different sisters. We never made it, though, because we would get a phone call that changed the plans. Some days it seems like we aren't able to do anything that we planned, but we always end up doing something just as important anyway. We just never know what each new day holds.

We had our District Meeting on Monday. The senior couple from Alaska had had their son send down some meat. They thought it was going to be halibut, but it ended up being halibut, salmon, moose, and caribou. So we were treated to an Alaskan cuisine that evening. Sure was delicious.

Sometimes the time around here can be confusing. We live in Arizona that doesn't do Daylight Savings Time, but the Navajo Reservation does. Sanders, about 20 miles west of here, isn't on the Reservation, so their time is 'normal' time. We were to take a sister to Sanders for a class. She said it started at 7:30 in the morning. We just assumed that that was our time, but found out different when we got there. She ended up being plenty early for her class. I guess we will have to deal with this for a few more weeks, and then we can both be on the same time again. A lot of the kids in this area go to Sanders for school. I wonder if that ever gets confusing for them, or just us 'old' folks.

We had quite a bit of rain again this week. One road just got filled in a few days ago, and it is already being washed away. We aren't able to get off the main roads very far if it has been storming. I guess we could, but we might not be able to get back on the main road for a few days.

We only made one RV trip this week. Tsaile elders were having problems with their hot water. When Owen checked it out, he determined that the water heater needed to be replaced. We thought we would be going back up to take care of that; but the housing coordinator was able to do it, so we didn't have to. Tsaile area is considered a ward, yet they have never had a church building. Dine' College is there, so they use rooms at the college for their meetings. They are finally going to be getting a church, in fact it is nearly ready for occupancy. They are hoping to have the dedication on the 19th of this month. That means that the elders' RV and the senior couple's trailer will be moved to the church property. We only have to worry about the RV, however.

Saturday was a special day. We were able to be a part of a baptism for a young man. This is the one I think I mentioned a few weeks ago that told the Counselor that he wanted to be baptized. We thought
he already had been. So we have been teaching and working with him, and the 11th was his special day – not only was he able to be baptized, but it was his birthday. His wife is already a member and they have an adorable four-month-old little guy. We had 25 people in attendance (eight of whom were missionaries). I thought that was pretty good for our small branch. He had asked Owen to do the baptizing. That turned out to be tougher than Owen thought it was going to be. The font definitely needed more water in it. Finally on the fourth try, they had him sit down on the bottom of the font with his legs out in front of him so all he had to do was lay back. That ended up being the lucky charm. A senior missionary told him that he hadn't set any records. His friend took 14 tries before he was finally baptized right. Owen was certainly glad that it didn't take that many times on Saturday.

I guess the tarantulas are migrating now. Owen has seen an occasional one crossing the road as we drive around. The other day we went out to get in the truck, and there was one right to the side of it. These are different than other ones I have seen. They are black, a little smaller, and just as ugly. Just as long as I see them before they see me, I guess we will be okay.

The work is progressing and we will continue to do what we can to help it move forward here in the Lupton area.

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