Sunday, October 5, 2014

On the road again. With all the rain we had last week, bad roads to drive on, and being the first of the month (Navajo holiday) we decided it would be a good time to check on some of the RVs. We were able to check on the ones in Tohlakai, Sawmill, and Polacca. The one in Tsaile will be moved in a couple of weeks. Their new church house will be dedicated about that time, so then the trailer will be moved from the trailer park to over by the church.

While we were in Polacca (Hopi Reservation), we decided to check out Second Mesa. That was very amazing. You drive up a steep, windy road to the top of the mountain (past a sign that says 'Taking Pictures Is Not Allowed'). The old, old, small, rock and or adobe homes are all flat-roofed, in a row, with three or four joined together. They are lined up along each edge of the mesa, with a shorter row down the middle. So you drive down the narrow dirt trail, loop around, and come back the other side. Some of the homes are 600 years old. It was like taking a step back in time. Owen said he wouldn't want to live up there if he was a sleep walker. The mesa isn't very wide up on top, and it is a long ways down. Cool view of the entire valley, though. That is probably why they built up there; so they could see someone coming before they could see them. I want to go back another time and have a Hopi guide show us around more and tell us about the history and culture.

During our Family Home Evening, Owen said something about going home. One guy said, “What do you mean going home? You aren't going anywhere.”

Another guy joined in with, “Yeah. They've issued you a census number, so now you can't leave.”

We have also had a couple of people offer us a piece of their land to build a home on. We love these people so much. They have won a special place in our hearts.

Great News! Our daughter-in-law who was injured was able to go home on Thursday. She still has many weeks yet of recovery to do, but she is making good progress and so glad to be home with her family. Family and friends built a ramp so she could get in the house, because she still can't put any weight on her right side and gets around in a wheelchair most of the time. We are so very grateful that they live in the community they do. The people are very compassionate and caring, plus they also have some family close by which helps a lot, too.

We have had a pretty spiritual last three days. Friday was our Zone Conference in Farmington. The Church wants all the missionaries to see the new Church documentary, Meet the Mormons. So we were privileged to have our own private showing of that movie. It is very, very good and well worth going to see. We encourage EVERYONE to go and see it on opening weekend (October 10th). The attendance they get on opening weekend will determine how long and other places it will be shown. Unfortunately it isn't showing in Gallup. So, if you can, be sure and see it.

The Housing Coordinator for the mission lives in Farmington. He has been so good to help Owen out with the RVs. He just happens to own a Ferrari. During lunch at the Zone Conference, he gave Owen a ride in it. Talk about excited! I guess that car is quite well known throughout the world. All the missionaries want to have their picture taken with it, and then they send the picture home to their families.

General Conference was great, as usual. We listened to some of it on the Internet and caught a couple of sessions at a member's home with an investigator. Such good talks, lots of food for thought. I am always glad they are printed in the Ensign, because it is just too much for me to take in at one time. We got a text Saturday from our Navajo friend that became active in February and then moved to Utah in June. She was at the Conference Center. It was exciting to know that she was having the special experience of being able to attend a Conference session.

We are continuing to teach and work with some very special people. It is exciting to see the light of Christ come into their lives, and how it changes them. Each new day brings new adventures.

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