Monday, August 18, 2014

This week turned out to be a busy week. They canceled our District Meeting for Monday. The young missionaries in the mission went to the Snowflake Temple that day. The Senior couples could go only if they were taking missionaries. Since we don't have any missionaries to take, we didn't go; but some of the couples in our District were going. It would be a push for them to get back in time for the meeting. We had the entree for the dinner, so I wasn't disappointed when they canceled it. However, they just pushed the meeting back a couple of weeks, so I didn't really get out of it.

We had a senior couple in our District get transferred this week. They have been here 18 months, but will finish their last five months in the Durango, Colorado area. It worked out good for them because they have a condo in Pagosa Springs, so they will just stay there and service the wards in Durango, Pagosa Springs, the branch in Silverton, and teach an Institute class in Durango. They have been living in their fifth wheel (which they will now sell), so this will be a welcome change for them. We are going to miss them at our District Meetings. They have become our special friends. That makes five couples who have left since we started our mission. There are now eight couples in our District, and two of them don't come to the meetings.

We went down to visit at the Senior Center one day. They had a quilt all ready to be quilted, but rolled up laying on one of the tables. In talking to them, they didn't have any frame or stands to set it up on. That surprised me because they are always piecing quilts. That gave Owen a good idea. Before they closed the Center for the day, he had made and delivered to them a set of sticks and stands. They were thrilled.

We had another great Family Home Evening this week. We ended up with eight people. We had a good lesson, cherry turn-overs for treats, and then ten of us sat around the table playing Thousand Aces. We really enjoyed the evening. It gives us a chance to get to know some of the people in our Branch better, because it isn't always the same ones who come.

We had some appointments this week that went really well. Then some appointments didn't pan out at all because no one was there when we went to their homes. That's okay, because we will continue to check on them and visit with them when we can.

Wednesday Lupton received word that their water system has e-coli and coliform bacteria in it; and that the water needs to be boiled for five minutes before using it for drinking, doing dishes, or cooking. We don't drink the water anyway, so that part was okay. I just have to remember to keep some boiled water on hand.

Thursday night we had a former Branch member, whom is now living in Salt Lake, call and ask if we could get some water to her family. They don't have electricity, so they can't boil the water. We decided to write an email to the stake president and see if there was anything the church could do to help. That really started the ball rolling. The next morning we made two trips to town and were able to pick up 150 cases of water. We told the Chapter President that the Church was donating the water to help Lupton. That spurred the Chapter into action also. They sent some of their workers into town to also get cases of water while others were going over the community list and determining which families were closest to the source of contamination, the elderly, or those who didn't have cars and wouldn't be able to get water for themselves. They wanted to make sure that the people with the greatest need were the ones that were serviced first. Now they have three big, black tanks on a trailer by the Chapter House so that people can come and get the water they need. We will sure be glad when they get the problem solved.

We had a special weekend. Two of my sisters came down and spent a couple of days. We were going to meet them Saturday morning in Farmington, but they surprised us and showed up Friday evening. That was great! We went to the Aztec and Salmon Ruins and then came home by way of Crystal so they could see how pretty it is up there.

On Sunday, I had to lead the singing in Sacrament Meeting and teach Primary, while Owen taught Priesthood. Then I taught the Seminary class. After lunch we had to go teach a missionary lesson. That evening we had one of our Branch members come and share his story with us about what it was like growing up on the reservation, etc. It was very good. Our hearts were all touched by his testimony and the things he has had to endure in his life. What a special man!

Before my sisters headed back home, they wanted to visit The Nugget store where Owen finds all his treasures. Sure enough, they found some treasures, also.

It was fun to have them visit, to show them some of our beautiful area, have them meet the special people in our Branch, and to be able to spend some time with them. It is always hard to tell our company 'good-bye'. We enjoy their visits so much.

Life continues to be good in LA, even in spite of the water situation. We are looking forward to another adventure-filled week.

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