Sunday, August 24, 2014

I have a magnet on the fridge that reads, “Each day is an entirely new adventure. . . Enjoy it.” That is so true for us in this mission. No two days are the same. We think we have our day pretty well planned out, and then things change in just a matter of minutes.

We had an appointment on Tuesday to meet with a sister. So while Owen was waiting for time to go, he went out to knap an arrowhead. His hand slipped, and he cut it on the obsidian rock he was working on. So instead of going visiting, we went to the hospital to have three stitches put in his right hand. Course, we had to wait for the cake, that I had just put in the oven, to finish baking before we could leave.

We were able to meet twice this week with the young girls we are teaching. They are really starting to progress and are learning more all the time. They had hardly any church background before we started the lessons. So we have had to go slow and adapt the lessons to their ages. We have seen a lot of growth in them the last few weeks, however. Today when I went out to pick them up for Church, there were five other family members in that area that came with us.

We had some good appointments this week. One couple that we had met earlier in July even said they wanted to come to Church on Sunday. They didn't make it this week, but said they would next week for sure.

Another sister we visited was all excited to tell us about her friend and his interest in the Church. I guess they had spent quite a bit of time together with her trying to answer some of his questions about the Church. She will follow up with him and see if he would be interested in the missionaries coming by.

Then there are always the ones who aren't home when we go by to visit, or for an appointment.

Out here the weather can even effect whether you get to make a visit or not. We have one couple that we have been trying to visit for a couple of weeks; but with all the rain, the distance they live off the main road on a dirt road, and clay soil has been a hindrance. We have been warned to not go off the main roads when it is storming. There have been even some of the main dirt roads that have been washed out when we get hard rains.

We ended up traveling two days and were able to get to three different RVs this week. They are trying to prevent any possibility of CO poisoning occurring this winter, so they are switching the RVs over from propane to electric heaters. We took the new heaters to the three closest RVs and will soon be visiting the others, also.

They finally lifted the ban on our water on Thursday morning. It is good to be able to use the water from the tap once again.

I added a new talent to my resume today. I was the organist for Sacrament Meeting. Not bad for someone who can't even play; but I do know how to push buttons. So my assignments for today were organist and Primary (presidency, music person, and teacher). Then I have to switch gears real fast so I can teach the lesson for Home Study Seminary. I have to spend a lot of time during the week in order to put all the lessons together, including Preach My Gospel, and FHE. We aren't teaching Temple Prep. lessons right now, but will be doing so again in the near future. Such is the life of a missionary. We are discovering all sorts of hidden talents.

Owen felt all week that he might be called upon to speak in Sacrament Meeting, so he had a talk all prepared. Sure enough, the speakers didn't show up; but the Branch President had been having the same feeling, so he was also prepared. About ten minutes before the meeting was over, a young family came in and sat down. Come to find out they were to be our speakers. They got confused because Arizona doesn't observe daylight savings time and Gallup does. The problem arises, though, because the Navajo Nation does do daylight savings time even though they are in Arizona. Figure that one out.

Certainly keeps things interesting in and around our special little corner of the world.

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