Sunday, March 30, 2014

Wow! What a week. No more will I say that our travel time will slow down. The Mission President has asked Owen to check on the RVs once a month. They moved the RV from Bitter Springs down to Polacco on the Hopi Reservation (that makes it about two hours closer). So Monday it was a trip to Polacco to put the skirting around the trailer. Wednesday was back to Polacco to check out a water leak and a trip to Gallup to get the new parts. Thursday was back to Polacco to install the new parts. Then they decided that they wanted an in-line water filtration system installed. So Friday was a trip to Gallup to get that part and then back to Polacco on Saturday to install it. Four trips adds up to be over 800 miles – not counting the trips to Gallup. So hopefully, that trailer is up and running so the missionaries can move in. One of our investigators said he was raised on the border there by the Hopi Reservation and had gone to school in Polacco. So he asked if he could go with and help Owen. He has also remodeled homes. Of course, we won't turn down an offer like that. He ended up going on Wednesday and Thursday. That relieved a lot of Owen's stress.

We had a special discussion with our young investigator during the week. We were very thrilled when he came to Church today. The speakers' talks were just like they were geared to him to help further his understanding. It is so special how everything seems to fit together. I know that they were inspired.

The sisters we have been teaching Temple Prep. lessons to are doing so well. They are still really committed and so special. It has been a true joy to have been able to teach them.

Our long-rider, Doc, departed on Wednesday. We gave him lunch before he left. Owen asked him two questions for him to think about as he is riding down the trail. Did you have any joy in this life; and did you bring joy to anyone else? The next day when Owen went to Polacco he expected to see him along the road, but he was no where to be found. We have thought about him and wondered how he is doing, but he has been on these long rides, off-and-on, since 2003; so I am pretty sure he knows what he is doing.

We are having another “severe dust storm warning”. This is the second one this week. Sometimes the trailer seems to shudder or sounds like gremlins are having a major bowling match on the roof. But, so far, we have been safe and haven't had any real damage done to the area.

We continue to see the Lord's hand in the work that we are doing as he moves us to greater and new heights. Each day as the sun sets, and we reflect on the happenings we have witnessed, we know that He has had a hand in our activities.

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