Sunday, March 2, 2014

We have been able to have some blessings and see some changes in people's lives since we began our mission here in Lupton. The Lord has truly blessed us and is blessing the people here, also.

We were able to give another Temple Preparation lesson to the Yazzis. We enjoy our visits with them. When we went for our visit with Thomas, Anderson was also there. So we gave the 1st discussion so he could have it. Both young men took off their ski hats for the prayer and left them off while we had the lesson. Thomas asked Owen to give the opening prayer. When I opened my eyes at the end of the prayer, there was a two-day-old little black goat nibbling on the end of my skirt. The family had gotten the little goat from their neighbors. Its back leg hooves are deformed (no hooves, the legs come down, flatten out at the bottom and point forward). The lesson went well, and we challenged both of them to pray about the message. We hope that as Anderson progresses, it will help Thomas's testimony to grow also.

We have a man, probably in his 50s, that we started the missionary discussions with this week. He has had some of the discussions before, but just never committed to baptism. He has become a good friend and he and Owen enjoy spending time together discussing rocks, or whatever.

We got word that Mina had a little girl on Sunday. She weighed 5 lbs. 8 oz. Not bad for being early, and the best news was that she was doing fine. We found out that they didn't have much for the baby in the way of clothe or blankets, so I thought I would pick up some stuff when we went to Gallup on the 3rd. As it turned out, we were driving to the truck stop, Speedy's, and saw an older couple hitch-hiking. Owen stopped and found out they were headed to Gallup. So we decided to take them to Gallup and then we could get the baby some things. We took the the baby things out and left them with Mina's sister. We called the Branch President and he said he had a crib they could have. On Wednesday, Cassandra text me and said that Mina and the baby were on their way home. So it was a good thing we had already bought the baby clothes. We canceled Family Home Evening and went to Gallup to pick up the crib. The President also gave us a changing table and car seat for them. When we went out to deliver the crib, Mina was home. She held the flashlight while I helped Owen put it together. Then we carried it into their hogan. It is a very humble place to live, but they are comfortable. The daddy, Ray, was holding the baby. So we got to see how beautiful she is. Ray told us he was Catholic and asked if they needed to have her baptized.  We gave him a quick lesson on baptism and why we wait until a person is eight.  We did tell them they could bring her to the Church  now and have her blessed and what that entails. They expressed an interest in that. Owen asked him if he would like to know more about our Church, and then when Marianya is eight years old, he could be the one to baptize her and have their family united together, and he said he would. He has only a part-time job (16 hours a week). He has been very worried about how they were going to afford the baby and all the things involved in taking care of a little one when they are just barely surviving as it is. He said he was praying to the Lord and asking Him for help. He was crying because he just didn't know how they were going to do it. Then he said, “You folks came and have helped us so much.” God truly answers prayers and knows and loves each one of His children no matter who they are, rich or poor, or where they live. I am so thankful we were able to be the instruments in His hands in doing service for this young family. We are really looking forward to being able to spend more time with them. I asked Mina if it would be okay if we came over occasionally to get some cuddle time with the baby. She smiled and told us we could. I think we are going to claim her as one of our grand daughters.

I had been making a few decorations for St. Patrick's Day, but I couldn't get any glue out of the bottle, and my glue stick was dried up. I decided I would have to wait until morning and see what Owen could do with the glue bottle. So as we were sitting at the breakfast table, I asked Owen if he could get the glue to come out of the bottle. He took the lid off and saw a black plug thing in it. He tried to pull it out, but couldn't. So he squeezed the bottle very hard. Suddenly the plug popped out, glue flew clear to the ceiling. We had glue on the ceiling, running down the freshly painted wall, all over Owen's hand, and even a puddle in his lap. I thought it was hilarious. I laughed and laughed. I wished I had had a movie camera going to catch all that and his expression. He wasn't laughing. He couldn't even move because of the glue in his lap. I started cleaning it up when I could quit laughing, and he carefully went to wash, and change his clothes. Just glad he didn't have his suit pants on.

We made two trips to Steamboat this week (one was planned and the other was the spur of the moment). We also made a trip to Tohlakai. Just when we start thinking all the RVs are fixed and working good, we get a phone call to let us know otherwise. We did have fewer miles on the truck this month, however; course the month is also shorter. We drove 2,914 miles – that is 275 miles less than last month. I am not sure how many miles we put on the car in addition to the truck's miles.

We actually got a lot of rain on Saturday, which is really good for the area. There have only been two small snowstorms since we got here. Not sure how much off-roading we will be able to do for the next few days until things start to dry up some, but we will do what we can. There are still places to go and more people to meet, so the adventure here in Lupton continues.

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