Monday, February 17, 2014

On the road again. This turned out to be a busy week with three trips to fix RVs. On Tuesday we drove to White Mesa which is by Blanding. We had to go into Blanding to get some parts and make arrangements to have the broken window replaced. Blanding isn't too far from home; but alas, we headed back to Lupton. We stopped in Bluff and walked through the historic Fort Bluff site. All the buildings were locked for the winter, but we peeked through the windows to see how they were furnished. The main difference between that pioneer community and ours is that they had only one original cabin and it wasn't restored; where our cabins are all original pioneer homes. It was a neat place to visit.

Wednesday we started out to make visits and realized that many people were getting ready to go to the funeral in Gallup. We drove out to Oak Springs to try and find a member there. We did talk to her nephew and found out she works, so we will have to catch her later in the day. Then we picked up Bro. Robertson and took him down to Sanders. On the way we asked him about talking the missionary discussions. He said that he would. While we were there, Owen got a call saying he needed to check on the trailer in Tsaile (again). One of their three CO detectors was going off. So we headed out, stopped by the house to pick up a few things and were on our way. Owen checked everything and couldn't find any problem. He thinks the detector might be faulty. So we will replace it for them.

While I was waiting for Owen, I visited with the Rogers. Sister Rogers shared with me an experience she had had with prayer. They had been on their mission for awhile when she got a rash that was very painful. She went to the doctor and he told her that she had shingles. He said there wasn't any medicine he could give her that would help with the pain and that she would just have to wait six to eight weeks for it to run its course. When they got home, they checked on the internet and found some OTC things that were suppose to help. So they drove to Gallup, talked to the pharmacist at Wal-Mart, and he recommended some things to try. She had been sick for about a week and a half and was only a little better. Her husband had also given her a Priesthood blessing. She said that that night when she said her prayers, she told the Lord that she had come on this mission to work and that there was work she needed to be doing, but she couldn't do it if she was laying in bed. She also told the Lord that she knew that He could move mountains, part the seas, and heal people who were sick. She told Him that if He could do all of that, He could make her shingles go away and that she expected to be healed by tomorrow. When she woke up the next morning, she was pain free and by the end of the week her rash was gone. It had been only two weeks since she went to the doctor. That is a testimony of the power of faith and prayers.

When we got home, Owen realized he didn't have his wallet. We looked everywhere and it was not to be found. He called Elder Rogers and asked him to check and see if it was in the trailer. Sure enough, it had fallen out of his pocket. The Rogers were planning on coming to Ganado on Friday for a District Meeting, so we will just meet them there and get the wallet back.

The next morning Owen pulled out of the yard and realized the oncoming car was closer than he thought, so he stepped on the gas to get ahead of the car. That car passed him, but the next car turned on his red/blue flashing lights. Sure enough, it was a Navajo Nation policeman pulling him over. The first thing he wanted to see was his driver's license. Ooops!!! After talking to him and explaining about his license, he gave him a verbal warning and told him to be more alert. That was a close one. They have told us that the Navajo police won't bother us because they are so few and far between, and their main focus is to pick up drug runners. Wrong information!!

We were able to meet with a young man on Thursday. We are working with him to try and help him build his testimony and come back to Church. His father is in the Branch Presidency and he has a brother on a mission. So hopefully the Spirit will touch his heart. His cousin was there with him. He is a non-member. We talked to him about taking the missionary lessons and gave him a Book of Mormon. We will meet with them again in a week and see how things are going. We also gave a mother and her daughter the first Temple Preparation lesson.

Since we had to go to Ganado on Friday, we decided to drive on up to Steamboat and fix some things in that RV. We met the Rogers and picked up the wallet and the detector that kept going off. While I was sitting in the truck waiting for Owen, the CO alarm started chirping. It didn't matter what I did, even sitting on it, wouldn't shut it off. I guess that is proof enough that it was defective.

I made up a bunch of sugar cookies and decorated them to take around to different families in our Branch for Valentines Day. It was fun to see the children's eyes light up when they saw the cookies.

We have started carrying around a little bag of jerky because there are so many dogs out here and you never know if they are friendly or not. When we stopped at a house the other day, two dogs came towards the truck. One was on my side, but it wasn't barking or anything. I opened the door of the truck and started talking to him. He looked at me, sniffed the door of the truck, grabbed the bag of jerky that was in the door compartment, and ran off before I could even react. I tried to get Owen to go take it away, but he wouldn't. He said we will just have to buy some more. Anyway, that dog had a good treat and will probably expect another bag of jerky the next time we come.

Another home we stopped at, Owen got out first. He walked to the front of the truck and stopped. He told me to come and look at this. When I walked around to the front of the truck, I saw a black pot-belly pig right at his feet. You would have thought it was a dog. It was just moseying around, checking things out. That is the first time we have seen it in all the times we have been out there.

Life continues to be interesting. We really don't have a set routine, still knocking on doors to meet people and find the Branch members. We do have some appointments with some of the members on a weekly basis, which we always enjoy. We stay busy and are enjoying the Lord's work here on our mission.

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