Sunday, February 2, 2014

         I ended up getting sick last weekend, good old sinus infection.  So we called a doctor on Monday and was able to get in that day.  While we were there, we took the truck to have the brakes checked.  He said they needed new pads.  As it turned out, the owner of the place is the Branch President up in Sheep Springs.  So we had a nice visit with him while they worked on our truck.
        We had an appointment with a man on Monday, but  he wasn't home when we got there.  He had problems with his stove and was in Gallup trying to get it fixed.  So we re-scheduled for Friday.
When we got to the home on Friday, I was surprised to see five other people waiting to hear our message.  We had prepared a lesson on the Restoration, but soon found out that wasn't what they needed.  The one man is a past Branch President and his brother had served a mission.  But, for one reason or another, they have fallen away from the Church.  I think they want the younger family members to know about the Church.  We had a special visit with them, and they told us their door is always open, so we could come back anytime.  They invited us to a birthday celebration on the 8th for their mother who is turning 92 years old.  The grandson and his wife had to leave early to take their baby to the doctor.  The baby had had heart surgery when eleven days old to repair a kinked aorta.  This was his first check-up since surgery.  They asked Owen to give the baby a blessing before they left.
        We ended up not having to make our road trip.  A couple that served in Bitter Springs was coming down for a funeral and said they would fix the water leak.  Owen was very relieved.  The afternoon when we would have gone to Bitter Springs, a sister called and wanted Owen to go to the Indian Hospital in Gallup and give her sister-in-law a blessing.  She lives in a care center and had fallen and broken her hip.  I had Owen call Bro. Tom, our 1st Councilor, who works in Gallup.  They made arrangements for a time to meet at the hospital.  She is an older sister, and doesn't understand a lot of English, so Bro. Tom gave her the blessing in Navajo.  No idea what he said, but the Spirit was there, and he felt she would be okay.
        We met with Sister Yazzi (the lady we met at the post office).  Her and her daughter are interested in taking the Temple Prep classes.  Her sister was also there and has a 15 year-old-daughter who hasn't been baptized.  We will be meeting with them soon to see how we can help them.
        I had made up some ideas for Valentines decorations and picked up a few supplies to go with the ideas.  We dropped those off at the Senior Citizen Center on Tuesday.  When we went back a couple of days later, they had really decked out the Center.  She told us that everyone had gotten involved, even the men.  Some were still working on projects.  It was fun to see all their decorations and how they had even come up with some of their own.  I think it made them feel good to know that they helped to make the Center more festive.
        We rode out to Sanders to see Bro. Bitsue's workshop.  He has some pretty interesting rocks that he and Owen were trying to figure out what kind they were.  Then he showed us the silversmithing items he was working on.  He gave us a big bag of clay that is ready to work, and said he will come over some day and demonstrate how he makes pots.  He really has an artistic talent, and we enjoy visiting with him.
        We make our plans in the morning, and one phone call, or a thought one of us will have, can totally change everything.  Each day is a new adventure.  We can see the hand of the Lord guiding us and helping us find people who need the Gospel, or those that for one reason or another have fallen away.  I pray that the Holy Ghost will help us to be a positive influence on them to help them have a desire to return to the Church.  The work is great!

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