Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sometimes I make the mistake of thinking that we have had all the new adventures that we as missionaries will have. From here on in, it will just be repeats with a few changes. But, again this week we had another brand new adventure. We went out to teach a lesson to the family we have been fellowshipping whose wife isn't a member. She wasn't home when we got there, but came shortly after. While she was driving down their lane, a bird hit the windshield and got hung up on the antennae. When she stopped, it fell to the ground. We discovered that it was a little owl about eight inches big. We put it in a box and put it in our truck. It was too late that night to do anything with it; so we said that if it was still alive in the morning, we would take it to a rehab. place. We found out the best place is the little zoo in Window Rock. The man told us that it is a Western Screech Owl. He couldn't find anything broken, just traumatized from the bump, and weak from a hard winter. We haven't heard if the little owl made it or not. We will have to check on it the next time we are up that way. Oh, by the way, the lesson with the family went really well; and we have another appointment to meet with them.

We have two other investigators that we are working with and continuing to teach, nourish, and are hoping one day to be able to see them baptized. They are both special men, and we have seen a lot of growth in them. The one has a nine-year-old son that he wants to have baptized, also. So we will see how things progress. We continue each week to meet with as many people as we can, (at least try to if they are home), give lessons, and do service. The weeks are really flying by.

We had a Senior Missionary Couple serving in Tohlakai, and the sister is blind. I think I have mentioned her before in our posts. She is the first blind person to serve a mission with a service dog. The Church, in the past, hasn't allowed service dogs to come on missions. It took over a year for them to finally get approval to come on a mission (as well as our Stake President and Mission President putting in a good word). We have enjoyed our friendship with them. She is truly an inspiration. She is always so positive, a fabulous cook, makes decorations, and can do just about everything. Her lack of sight certainly does not hold her back. Anyway, they finished their mission this week. We spent one whole day working with them, helping them pack, and getting them on their way home. They live in the West Jordan area there by Salt Lake. We hope we will be able to see and visit with them when we get home.

Slowly, one-by-one, the number of Window Rock District Senior Missionary Couples is becoming smaller. By the end of June the last five remaining couples will all have finished their missions and returned home. When we got here, there were eight Senior Missionary Couples serving in the Gallup Stake. When we leave, there will not be any Senior Couples left in the Gallup Stake. There is a great need for Senior Couples, not just here in the New Mexico Farmington Mission, but throughout the Church.

Our weather has been so nice for the last while. We are down in the twenties at night, but it warms up into the sixties during the day. I keep thinking the trees are soon going to start budding out. Today we had a centipede crawling on the sidewalk in front of the Church. I think it was about three or more inches long. They said that it was just a small one, but they are poisonous. I am not looking forward to seeing any bigger ones. Hopefully, they can't get in our home.

We look forward to whatever new adventures are in store for us this week. It is a privilege to be able to serve the Lord and the people here on the Navajo Reservation. There is no better place to be or to serve.

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