Sunday, June 22, 2014

This week the Church had the trailer in Tohlakai ready for the Englands to move back into. So we went to Tohlakai early in the afternoon on Monday. We helped them pack and unpack for about three hours before time for the District meeting. I went back on Tuesday and helped Sister England most of that day, too. She has found out that she has really bad cataracts on both eyes. They are going home for a month and will have them removed. Then they will check her eyes and see if she is a candidate for a retina implant. If she is, and they decide to go ahead with it, there is a very good possibility that she will be able to get her eye sight back. She has been blind since 16 years of age. The miracles of modern-day medicine.

Our RV trips this week were to Steamboat and to Sawmill. We put the insulation behind the skirting of the trailer in Sawmill. They are probably going to move the RV from Steamboat to Monument Valley sometime in July. So we aren't going to worry about any weatherization there yet.

In our post of March 16, we mentioned that we had been to Crystal and then came home through Bowl Canyon Recreation Area past Asaayi Lake. We both commented on how pretty it is up there – one of the prettiest places on the reservation. Now there is a huge wild fire up in that area that started over a week ago. Last weekend the winds blew horrible for five days straight – gusting up to 50 miles per hour. Because of the wind, it was unsafe for the fire fighters to attack the fire and the helicopters couldn't fly to drop retardant on it. There are a lot of people that live up in those mountains or take their sheep and cattle up there for the summer range. There have been no fatalities, some loss of structures and animals. On Friday it had burned over 32,000 acres and was only 20% contained. They say it is the biggest wild fire in the history of the Navajo Nation.

We made some good contacts this week and had some great visits with some very special people. About three weeks ago Owen gave a guy a ride home. He told him who we were, where we lived, and what we do. One morning this week, there was a knock on our door and it was that guy. He had dropped his wife off at the Chapter House; and as he was pulling out to go home, he remembered that we lived just down the road. So he decided to come for a visit. We had a nice visit with him for about two hours. He isn't a member, had a lot of questions, and seemed interested in learning more. So we will follow-up with him in the coming weeks and see where it goes.

Our little baby, Marianya, and her parents have decided to move to Gallup. Her dad works there, so it will save time and gas money it he doesn't have to drive back and forth every day. Now we will have to make arrangements when we go to Gallup to stop by and visit with them. She sure is a sweetie and growing so fast. We definitely want to keep in touch with them and continue to have snuggle time with Marianya whenever we can.

We had eight people show up for Family Home Evening this week. The word is spreading, I guess, about how much fun we have. I don't know if it is the lessons, the games, or the refreshments that the people come for. We have taught them how to play Thousand Aces. It is a simple game, so you can still visit and have fun while you play. It makes for a special evening, one that we look forward to every week.

We continue be amazed at the blessings the Lord bestows upon us, the little everyday miracles, and how blessed we are to be serving in this special area with wonderful, wonderful people.

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