Sunday, April 6, 2014

The week was full of adventures, challenges, anxiety, and joy. The happiness came when we challenged our investigators to baptism, and they both accepted. We still have more teaching that needs to be done, but they are progressing Now the anxiety begins, and we hope and pray that nothing will get in the way of their final progress towards baptism.

Owen got to go hiking on a mesa with one of the members. They found ruins of a sweat lodge and a pit house from prior inhabitants. They had an enjoyable time, and the weather even cooperated. I decided not to go hiking and went to the Senior Center instead to help them with Easter decorations. There were 25 people there that day and all but two older ladies got involved in making the different projects. It is fun to see how they take a simple pattern and embellish it to make it their own.

Our oldest son had a hernia and gall bladder surgery this week. It was hard to not be home to be with him and his wife during this time. So we had to rely on the prayers of many and have faith that the Lord would take care of him. So far, the reports we get are he is doing fine and on the road to recovery.

We had an awesome Family Home Evening this week. We had six adults and three children come (four of the adults and a child were first-timers). It was great to have new people and to get to know them better. Cassandra's mother came and seemed to enjoy the evening. Four of them left after the lesson and treat (Dirt Cups), but the others wanted to play games. We ended up playing games until 9:00 p.m. It was a fun evening, and we look forward to FHE each week.

Owen got word last week that they were moving the RV from Montezuma Creek to Sawmill. No one was living in it at Montezuma Creek. So now instead of four hours away it will only be one hour when he has to check on it; but that is one more RV he has to check. This week we made two trips to Tohlakai, two trips to Sawmill, and one to Polacco. Polacco is all set up and running now, so it should just be the monthly checks there. Hopefully, by tomorrow afternoon the RV at Sawmill will also be set up and ready. If things go as planned, there will be four men there to help with the set up and putting the skirting on, so it shouldn't be an all day affair. We have driven past the mesa where Sawmill is a number of times, but had no idea there was a community up on top. When you head back down off the mesa, you get a spectacular view of the Ft. Defiance – Window Rock area. We finally saw the 'window rock' that Window Rock gets it name from. It is pretty neat to see.

We even had a snowstorm this week. We were expecting rain, but was quite surprised in the morning to see everything covered with about three inches of snow. It didn't take long for it to melt and the ground to soak it up because it is very dry around here.

We enjoyed the Conference sessions and talks that we were able to hear. While Owen was working at Sawmill on Saturday, I went into the Church and watched part of the morning session with the Elders. Owen and a member rode into Gallup and watched the Priesthood session at the Stake Center. Another couple and us went out to a member's home and watched the session this morning. We had a nice pot-luck lunch and visit. We were able to listen to the other sessions on the Mormon Channel, so that was good. It always seems so good to hear the brethren and sisters talk and to feel of their spirits and testimonies. It always helps to rejuvenate us and gives us a greater determination to endure to the end.

This week is shaping up to be a busy week again. We have several appointments set up, studying to do, FHE, some people that we want to visit, others we want to try and locate, and who knows how many trips to work on RVs. Each day continues to be an adventure as we try and serve the Lord and the wonderful people here in our area.

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