Sunday, January 12, 2014

     We have now been official missionaries for a month.  We have learned a lot, but still have a lot to learn.  We spent the majority of the week trying to find people.  We made contact with several special individuals.  Some of them have been baptized, but some reason or other, have become inactive.  We will continue to follow up with them and see how things go.
     The Elderlys (Senior Couples) in our District get together twice a month for Family Home Evening, a pot luck dinner, and play games.  So we went to Tohlakai on Monday afternoon.  Owen is not a game player, but he did join in and actually ended up winning at the card game of Golf. 
     A highlight of the week was getting to know Navajo Elvis and even getting his autograph on a couple of his flyers.  We were out knocking on doors and one of them was a chapter member we met at the chapter council meeting.  He invited us in and we had a very nice visit with him.  He is a member, but less active.  We found out that he is an Elvis impersonator and has traveled all over the country doing his act.  They call him Navajo Elvis.  I hope we get to see him perform while we are here.  He is an architect and has built a real nice addition onto their house.
     We are finding that if we find a member's house and they have met us, they will invite us in to visit.  If we go to a home where it is the first time the person has seen us, he/she will come out shutting the door behind him/her and visit with us outside.  We asked about that, and found out that it is very common.  They won't invite you into their home until they get to know and trust you.
     Owen has been concerned about the RV in Chilchinbeto and not being able to figure out its problem.  So we decided to drive up there on Friday and check out a few more things.  Success!  He was very happy when he was able to figure it out and everything in the trailer started working again.
     On our way home Bro. Tom called and asked us to talk in Church on Sunday.  Ugh!  Not my favorite thing to do, but I couldn't tell him no.  That means that in the last six weeks we will have talked in Church three times.  That is a record for us.  I think I will get started on my next talk now because I am sure the opportunity will be coming up again soon.
     Owen made the comment today that he thinks he has been preparing for this mission with the Native Americans all his life.  He has always been interested in their culture.  Now we have the opportunity to live here among the Navajos, get to know them, and become friends with these beautiful people.  It is a special experience in our lives.  This is truly where we were meant to serve.
We are looking forward to getting to know even more of them and hopefully be able to bring the light of Gospel into or back into the lives of those who fallen by the wayside.
     Looking forward to another great week.  Love you all!

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